Exploration Policy

Amarillo’s Commitment

Amarillo is committed to responsible mining practices as it progresses toward becoming Brazil’s next gold producer. This commitment includes providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees and contractors, protecting the environment, and building a mutually beneficial relationship with local communities. Amarillo’s commitment to responsible mining includes an established positive reputation for developing trust and support, reducing project risk, generating business opportunities, and creating wealth for shareholders and local communities.  

Sustainability Policy 

Amarillo is committed to a sustainability reporting process and will continue to work toward implementing a data collection process and encourages the engagement of its employees and contractors in all of its sustainability initiatives. The Company believes that a commitment to sustainability from all its employees and contractors is fundamental to the success of its business. Community engagement and protection of the environment are paramount values. Amarillo’s operations will be evaluated based on the three pillars of sustainability: economic growth, community engagement (social equity), and environmental stewardship. The following are forward-looking statements intended to show the Company’s present, and future, commitment to economic growth, community engagement, and environmental protection.

Economic Growth

A healthy financial return is essential to the Company’s long term growth and stability. By providing quality, competitive products, maximizing earnings, and reducing exploration and operating costs, Amarillo not only ensures the growth of shareholders’ investment value, but also enables the Company to continue in its investments and contributions to the economic and social development of the communities in which it operates. Only by creating wealth for both shareholders, and for the communities in which it works, can Amarillo sustain itself as a successful company, fulfil its environmental obligations, and bring benefits to local communities.

Community Engagement

Amarillo actively engages in meaningful dialogue with local community residents and organizations to identify economic, social, development, and training priorities, and contributes significantly toward the development of communities surrounding its operations.

Environmental Stewardship    

Amarillo’s objectives are to minimize the impact its exploration and operations may cause to the environment and to practice progressive rehabilitation and reclamation of areas impacted by its activities. The primary environmental focus is to develop responsible mining projects where the Company’s employees and contractors proactively consider methods and practices which minimize the environmental footprint. Precautionary measures are taken to avoid damage to ecosystems. This is achieved by first identifying, and then reducing, eliminating, or avoiding the environmental impact that may be caused by the Company’s mining and processing operations.

Health & Safety

Amarillo strives to ensure all work areas are safe and is committed to ensuring the safety, health, and welfare of the Company’s employees and their families, its contractors, and the communities in which this work is conducted.