Amarillo Gold Signs a Protocol With The State of Goias and Municipality of Mara Rosa

Amarillo Gold Corp. has received a formal declaration of public support for the development of its Mara Rosa gold project in Brazil.

In a recent public ceremony in Goiania, the state capital, a protocol of intentions was signed between the government of the state of Goias, represented by Governor Marconi Perillo, and Amarillo, represented by director William Brown. Co-signatories to the agreement were the state secretaries of treasury, industry and commerce, environment and water resources, and science and technology; the head of the state power authority (CELG); and the mayor of the municipality of Mara Rosa.

The statement highlights the principal economic parameters of the Mara Rosa project, the advantages to the local community, and outlines how the municipal and state authorities can participate in moving the project forward.

For example, the statement sets out how the governor and state environmental authority will help expedite the permitting process. Elaborating further, it itemizes how the state, the municipality and Amarillo intend to formulate a plan to train staff in skills required for the planned mine, that the state power authority will assist in supplying the required power to the mine and that the State of Goias will guide the company to avail itself of certain tax incentives and possible state debt financing from its various industrial incentive programs and its development bank.

Buddy Doyle, president of Amarillo, said, “It is very encouraging for the company to see such local and state support for our plan to build a gold mine at Mara Rosa using the existing apparatus of the law and the state, and we all look forward to continued harmony and co-operation with the government and people of Mara Rosa and the state of Goias.”




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